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Emily Saladino

Writer, Editor, and Recipe Developer

About Emily Saladino

Emily Saladino is a writer, editor, and recipe developer based in New York. Previously the Editor in Chief of VinePair, she currently works as the Digital Managing Editor of Wine Enthusiast, where she edits and writes features, reviews wines, and tests and develops recipes. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Bloomberg, BBC, New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, and others. Saladino has also been featured on industry panels and podcasts including Words on Wine, Wine & Hip Hop, and Inside Julia’s Kitchen on Heritage Radio Network.


A former bartender and professional cook, she holds a Culinary Arts Degree from The French Culinary Institute and Level II Certification from The Wine & Spirit Education Trust. She has a poorly behaved cattle dog named Arby.


Selected Work


Press and Appearances


Raw Wine Festival (2021)


Podcast Host

The Wine Enthusiast Podcast (2021)

Podcast Guest

Hospitality Forward (2021) 

Panel Moderator

SightGlass (2020)

Podcast Guest

Wine & Hip Hop (2020)


Lift Collective (2020)


Words on Wine (2019)

Panel Moderator

Association of Food Journalists (2019)


Public Relations Society of America (2019)


Subject Matter Expert

Vox, “A rosé by any other name” (2019)

Podcast Guest

Inside Julia’s Kitchen / Heritage Radio Network (2019)




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